• Sakshi Rungta

[Preview Feature] Azure Service Bus Explorer finally comes to portal

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

With the Service Bus Explorer, we will now be able to perform data operations to our Service Bus Queues/Topics/Subscriptions

"The Azure Service Bus Explorer expands the portal functionality beyond the management operations to support data operations (Send, Receive, Peek) on the Queues, Topics, and Subscriptions (and their dead letter subentities) - right from the Azure portal itself"

You can do all this and much more in the Preview Feature for the Service bus Namespace - Service Bus Explorer.

Currently this feature is supporting different operations across different Service Bus Entities. For ex.

  • Queues : Send / Receive / Peek from Queue, Receive / Peak from the Dead Letter Queue.

  • Topics : Send to a Topics

  • Subscriptions : Receive / Peek from Subscription, Receive / Peak from the Dead Letter Subscription.

The Explorer offers similar functionalities as its Desktop version, of constructing the send message body through properties like Content Type and Content Body, and viewing the message properties, along with Broker Properties like EnqueuTimeUTC if set.

To learn more about the Service Bus Explorer Tool, please read the documentation.